International Missionary Work

As a Church we have long been supportive of Missionaries across the world, we contribute financially to their cause as often they lack funds due to their varying circumstances. Whilst we are currently not directly supporting any Missionaries we have recently discontinued our support for recently retired Missionaries, Mike & Vi Webb who are now living in Australia following their many years of service in Papua, New Guinea & Sierra Leone. They represented the Missionary association UFM (Unevangelised Fields Mission) who we still have regular updates from in the form of newsletters. Whilst in Sierra Leone, Mike & Vi were based in Freetown with their work varying between leading & pastoral work with Pastors across the country. Vi also spent time working with local women, conducting Bible Studies as well as providing support for the numerous issues that Sierra Leonean men & women would face day in and day out. Mike & Vi still remain members at the church and whilst they were in the field they returned periodically to us to report on their progress.

Despite Mike & Vi being the main recipients of our support, the church still has a vested interest in other Missionaries and groups. For example, we keep in frequent contact with Sue Trenier who works in Indonesia. Sue Trenier, similarly to Mike & Vi works in collaboration with UFM and she has been doing so since 1978. She has devoted a lot of time to helping with the National Evangelical Church of Indonesia where she has spent time improving healthcare and translating the Bible into Hupla which is the local dialect. She worked in Wamena, Indonesia and now works with the “World Team”, which helps to plant churches amongst unreached people of the world. We also support various other organisations such as MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship), Open Doors, Barnabas Trust & MECO (Middle Eastern Christian Organisation).

We do support and are interested in local Missions too, for example we support Birmingham City Mission with monthly collections of non-perishable food which is then distributed to the homeless within the Inner City. The Mission has had various connections with the church via the BCM bus, Children’s Mission & Missionary weekends. Our food collected at Harvest is also donated to the Mission.

Handsworth, Birmingham