Youth Group

The Youth Group has been running now since July 2012 and it has become extremely successful. We currently have 80 children registered with around 8 Youth Leaders who are CRB approved and some which are First Aid certified . The most amazing thing is that out of our 80 registered children, only 2 of them had previously attended a church! This shows that God is doing a great work around the Handsworth area.

So, what do we do at the Youth Group? Well, we start off with a 15-20 minute Bible story which is led by one of the Youth Leaders. The children are then split into 3-4 groups (depending on total number of children at meeting) and they rotate with their groups around our 4 rooms within the church. The groups spend around 15 minutes in each room. The first room is the sports hall and in here we play a variety of different sports such as football, badminton, table tennis, cricket, basketball, dodgeball etc. We also give coaching as we have certified football and badminton coaches. The second room is a fun and games room. The third room is a pool table/football room and the fourth room is a multi purpose room.

We also provide the children with snacks during the meeting and occasionally have an outing or party for the children at special occasions

The Youth Group runs every Monday evening from 7pm-8:15pm and is for children aged 6-15 years old at no cost. BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS ARE WELCOME!



Recently we had a series of special youth events for the Summer holidays.  One of these was the visit from Yashan Mustafa, a professional choreographer from Cyprus, to bring out some of the hidden talents within the youth group.


Handsworth, Birmingham