Serving the Community

We have the privilege of being located in such a diverse community with people from different cultures, beliefs and traditions; this is a challenge that is embraced by the church.

Most people that we meet either on the streets or in the Church are very open to hear about the Gospel and show an interest in Christianity. We also do work from within the church, this is done in the form of our Youth Group which has been running since July 2012 and has attracted a total of 80 children over that period along with their parents. We also have a Girls’ Brigade which has brought both parents and girls from the community into the Church for over 50 years. Every year our summer Church outing to the seaside along with our Fun Day brings in masses of people from the neighbourhood.

We find this a great way to get to know the locals as well as giving them the opportunity to ask their questions about the Bible in a fun & relaxed environment. As Christians, we believe that one of the most important things that the Bible teaches is to “Spread His Word”, and that is what we try to do, we like to feel like we’re making a difference within the community, but more importantly we like to know that we are doing it for Gods’ glory.