Bible Study & Prayer

Prayer & Bible Study

It is important to understand the teachings of the Bible so we can apply it to our lives day by day. We hold a Prayer & Bible Study meeting every Thursday at 7pm. This forms a great support network for everyone as it helps us gain a greater understanding of the Bible and how to lead a Christian life for God.

Our Prayer & Bible Study meetings are mostly held at Junction Rd every Thursday and once a month, we meet in the home of one of our friends within the church to gather in an informal way for a time of prayer and thanksgiving.

Our meetings consists of time of prayer and Biblical study and discussion. They often form a series based upon a certain part of the Bible or upon real life issues. This meeting is often led by our Pastor.

Once a month, the meeting is based on learning about missionary work around the world and to pray especially for issues that have been discussed during the meeting. We have a different topic each month, previous topics have included Street Children & the suffering of people in Tajikistan. We also have guest speakers come in who have often devoted most of their lives to working in the mission field, they help us to gain a broader understanding of the real issues out there, more so than perhaps we would learn from a book or DVD.

Come along and see what it’s all about, everyone is welcome to attend.

Handsworth, Birmingham