The Leadership Team
The Leadership Team

Our Leaders

Reverend Jeff Warner

Our Pastor was born and raised in Bristol and was called to JREC in 2001; He is married to Liz and they have one son

Selbert Lloyd

Selbert was born in Jamaica and has been attending the church for 30 years along with his wife Cicelyn.

Joginder Gera

Joginder is another one of our deacons who was born in the Punjab region of India. He has been a devoted Christian since 1982 and has been attending the church since 1998 together with his wife Kashmir, 5 children and his 5 grandchildren.

 Gurnam Das
Gurnam is one of the deacons and is very active in the youth activities of the church with his son Abe, daughter Sunita and wife Rasham and 4 grandchildren

Handsworth, Birmingham